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College Prep

You must register with the NCAA before taking a recruiting trip. When talking with coaches, you will be able to take either an official visit or an unofficial visit. The coach will go over with you about what that means and what to expect. Please register with the NCAA below.
Recruiting Tips
Where should you begin? 

  1. Start by narrowing down a list of schools. Do you want to be where it's warm or where it's cold? What division is suitable? Do you know what you want to study? 
  2. Do your research about the school! Is the size appropriate for you? Does it have what you want to study? Is the pool and athletic facilities something that would work for you? Are your grades good enough to get in?
  3. Reach out to coaches from schools that interest you. Emailing coaches is a great way to make a connection. You can usually find their information on the schools' website. 
  4. Make a video to have to show off your stuff! Include your contact information, your graduation year, and your name.
  5. Make the video under 3 minutes, and include all kinds of dives! Meets, practices, smacks, great dives, dryland- it's all good content!
  6. Talk to your coaches if you are unsure what to include, or need help filming dives to use!
Below are 2 websites we suggest registering for. There are free versions of both. This can help put your information out for coaches to see!