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The academy is for divers who are looking to dive, but not compete! This team helps build upon skills and continues to grow each diver individually. This group suits divers who want to be here for fun 1 day a week, and divers who are looking to grow to eventually compete!
We offer a 1 hour a week home school learn to dive program during the school day. The class lasts 7 consecutive weeks. The next class offered will take place in January 2022.
This is our competition group. We start with competing at AAU Meets and take a select team to USA Regionals, Zones, and Nationals. This group continues to develop appropriate skills to get them ready for competitions! We compete in local NC meets (Wilmington, Huntersville, Greensboro) as well as national meets across the country.
Learn to Dive
12 and Under
The learn to dive program is an 8 week course that teaches the proper basics and introduction into diving.
Masters (20+)
Age 20 and older? Not ready to hang up the towel on diving? Or maybe you want to try for the first time! This group is for you!! Masters divers all over the country compete at masters meets, and the oldest diver in the group is 93! The masters community is a great group of adults who want to dive and share the love of this sport!